Product Description Guidelines

Aurora Gold & Diamonds makes every effort to describe and show the products as accurately as possible on Each item is shown, accompanied by an accurate description, images, and/or video. All images displayed on a diamond or jewelry product page are actual images of the product, and not merely illustrative. Furthermore, if certification is available it is displayed as well.

The colours we use, as well as the display and colour capabilities of your computer monitor, may positively or negatively affect the colors that you actually see on your screen. Therefore, Aurora Gold & Diamonds cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any product color, texture or detail will be 100% accurate.

Furthermore, Aurora Gold & Diamonds cannot guarantee that all product descriptions or other content are without error and entirely complete. Aurora Gold & Diamonds is continuously updating new and existing online information, and every effort is made to ensure all products are properly priced and accurately described. In the event that any item is deemed by Aurora Gold & Diamonds to be priced incorrectly, Aurora Gold & Diamonds reserves the right to refuse sale of that product. If any pricing error is recognised, even after the payment is received, Aurora Gold & Diamonds reserves the right to cancel the sale and refund the transaction in full.

Please note: The prices and availability of all diamonds and jewellery are subject to change without notice. Feel free to consult with our customer service department if you have any questions.