Responsible Gold Policy


It is the policy and practice of Aurora Diamonds to maintain high standards of ethical conduct, to comply with all applicable laws, and to do business only with persons who themselves abide by laws and ethical principles companies or private individuals. In particular, when dealing in precious metals, we will operate only with transparency by all parties and with assurances of legitimacy in all transactions.

Aurora Diamonds is opposed to activities which, directly or indirectly, finance or benefit armed conflict and the extreme levels of violence which contribute to abuses of human rights. Aurora Diamonds is also committed to sourcing gold and silver bearing products from operations which conform to internationally-accepted environmental practices.

Consequently, Aurora Diamonds commits to refraining from knowingly sourcing gold and silver bearing material from any regions and operations which contribute to the financing of conflict or the degradation of the environment.

In the event that gold and silver bearing material is sourced from conflict-affected and high risk areas, Aurora Diamonds will not tolerate by any means of profit nor entertain any clients private or company owned to accept and profit from scrap jewellery purchases that contribute to, assist with or facilitate the commission by any party of any forms of inhuman treatment, any form of forced labour, use of child labour, gross human rights violations, war crimes or other crimes against humanity, Aurora Diamonds will cut suppliers by any means necessary to not Accept gold from clients that are not compliant with LMBA responsible gold laws and Local South African laws

Aurora Diamonds will apply a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy in order to identify all suppliers where dealings with such suppliers would be in contravention of this policy, would represent money laundering or other related criminal activity. Aurora Diamonds will not engage with suppliers identified in this way and will not accept product from such suppliers.